Community Survey

As a church, we're running a community survey to see "How can we help?" It's been long, hard 18 months for many people and we are looking for how we can best serve and love our neighbours. Your input and suggestions will really help us to have a better idea of where our time and resources could go to be most beneficial for the community. If you have your own comments or ideas that don't come up in the questions, please let us know! Your point of view is invaluable.

All information provided will be confidential and kept secure in accordance with our GDPR policy. If you do not wish to answer any questions, please feel free to skip it.


Thank you for taking the time to fill this in for us! It shouldn't take more than 5 minutes :) 

St. Cuthberts' Community Survey
5) Which of these would be most helpful to you, or the community?

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