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If you want to hear a recent sermon on 'Christian giving' to help you in thinking about how/ what/ why you should give, do give this video a watch. The sermon, with reading from Luke 16:1-13, starts at 40 minutes into the video and is approximately 30 minutes long...

If, having prayed and considered how/ what/ why you should give, you would like to help support the running, maintaining and growing of St Cuthberts church, you can do so with the details below (or in the little red box on the inside of the church's doors): 

Account name: St Cuthbert's PCC

Account number: 18491227

Account sort code: 60-24-77 

Bank name: National Westminster Bank

(If you wish to earmark your gift for a certain purpose. ministry/ individual etc., please do so in the reference box). 

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