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Growth Groups

As people changed by the good news of Jesus, we believe that being a Christian is not just a 'Sunday thing'. Jesus makes us members of God's family! Therefore, we look to live our lives together as a church family: walking, talking, eating, drinking, celebrating, mourning. We are committed to helping every member of the church family to grow as a disciple of Christ, and to be equipped to use their gifts and life situation for God's glory, and the building up of others.

One of the key ways that we encourage each other is by meeting in smaller groups during the week. Midweek groups are a great place to connect our day-to-day lives with our Christian faith, and to help each other grow as Christians. That is why we call them 'Growth Groups'.  They are a chance to:

  • ask our questions,

  • study the Bible together to connect it to our lives,

  • deepen friendships, 

  • pray for each other, and

  • grow as followers of Jesus.

 A middle-aged man sitting forward with his hands clasped together.
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The church family is built up of people from a range of ages and stages of life. We recognise that some times in the week are better than others for some, and some issues and needs are more pressing. As such, Growth Groups range in type to fit with the lives of their members and meet at a range of times and places. There is:

  • A mum's Growth Group on a weekday afternoon, for parents short on time to connect at a appropriate time in the week and catch up, pray and share encouragements

  • A Growth Group for young people to hear God's Word in an accessible way and figure out how to apply it to their everyday lives

  • A Growth Group for older folks at times and places suitable to them 

  • Mixed Growth Groups at different members' households, where food and fellowship can be shared regularly. 

All of our Growth Groups are grounded on and centred around the Bible, and are primarily there to help us grow in our faith, knowledge and love of Jesus and His Word. As such, there will always be some appropriate Bible teaching - however brief or in-depth - at our Growth Group meetings. We believe this is the best way we can grow to be people who love God and others, and be equipped for life in the world.

If you would like to join one of our Growth Groups, for a taster session or for longer term, do let us know and we'll put you in touch with the right people!

a middle-aged woman sitting on a brown sofa reading the Bible.
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