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A group of differently-aged people from different countries smiling and enjoying coffee after a church service

Coffee+ is a group which meets during the week, every week, to provide local people a space to relax and catch up, enjoying each others' company and great coffee (or tea, if you're that way inclined). Come and join us, every Tuesday morning from 10am!


Life can be busy with everything we have to do. So we want to provide a relaxing place to come, catching up with friends or meeting new ones. A wide range of different people come, from  8 year olds at the local school to 80 year olds with their knitting needles, so who you'll meet will vary based on when you come. A friendly face is guaranteed though, along with someone to practise your English with, chat through your quandaries, or make you a drink. 

We believe that a big part of hosting people involves food! The Bible is full of stories of Jesus eating and drinking, enjoying God's good gift of taste. The "Coffee" in 'Coffee+' - as you might have guessed - stands for coffee. At every Coffee+ we serve a range of hot drinks, biscuits and, if you're quick, a slice of homemade cake. We occasionally host more substantial meals too, and eat together as a community. Come and join us as we enjoy a taste of God's goodness together! 

Coffee and a Cookie
Four middle-aged people from different countries talking and laughing together in a church

The "+" in 'Coffee+' stands for everything else that goes on at Coffee+! We aim to be much more than just a regular coffee morning where people come, drink and go. Here, we want to develop and cultivate real relationships as we share life together and point one another to the Lord Jesus. Check out the Church Life page for what that looks like more generally in St. Cuthberts, but at Coffee+ we hope you will find a warm welcome, a listening ear and those who can share life with you. 

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