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Both the government & national church have advised us not to hold Sunday services or other gatherings in the church building to avoid spreading the Corona virus.  Clearly that is a not a decision that has been reached lightly or without sadness.  


In uncertain times, we particularly need the comfort and confidence that come from remembering and hearing from God who is our rock; the God who remains in control of his world even when it doesn’t feel that way.


We are making efforts to support church family away from the building; to hear the encouragement of God’s word, to share news and to support each other in prayer.   That will likely include sharing prayers and readings for us to use in our homes on Sunday mornings and during the week.  It might include ‘live


We’ll also look to provide resources to the church family to help us be wise in loving our neighbours; using the resources we have to help meet the needs of others locally, and to share with them the comfort that we have.


We can be church family for each other by

 – staying connected over the phone

 – praying for each other and the wider world

 – asking for help where we have need and

 – offering help where we are able to.


If you think we can support you during this difficult season, please contact us on:     [email protected]   


0208 888 6178


NHS information is at:



One thing God has spoken, two things I have heard:

“Power belongs to you, God, and with you, Lord, is unfailing love”  (Psalm 62v11-12)

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